By Ruthie DiTucci

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Sean Bell met in person for the first time to be interviewed by Don Lemon of CNN. When all met in the room, Lemon and his crew excused themselves to allow the women to speak privately before the interview began.

This video is the result of that meeting and any mother with a son, will find it difficult to watch without feeling the anguish these women carry because no one, unless he or she has lost a child, can truly understand this particular kind of heart ache.

‘KILLER COP’ says “I’ve killed before and I’ll kill again” he hates gays, gals and minorities UNEDITED VIDEO

In almost all American communities, behavioral standards amongst police officers are set by whomever’s in charge, usually the Chief of Police and the City Manager. In Ferguson, Missouri a credible reason behind why the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri are afraid of the police, and have not come forward with their video’s of the Michael Brown death, is because the officers in charge are very dangerous men and women.

We have moved this video to SyndicatedNews.NET’s YouTube account because we suspect that this police officer will try to have this video taken down. In it he says “he’s a killer, that if you don’t want to be killed, not to go near him. He says he has killed many people and that he’ll kill many more because he’s no coward.”

Yoko La Japonesa Salsera interviewing with SyndicatedNews.NET

Happy Birthday Myrna Velilla… keep on travelin’…. Every time you book an airline, we pack our bags. … We can’t come with ya but it’s sure fun to watch you travel…

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3 Themed Cruises Sail Next April…

The music cruise industry has really taken flight — or, shall we say, really set sail — in recent years, spawned by a desire by fans and musicians alike to take the fun of a festival to sea. After all, music cruises offer certain advantages, specifically a variety of bands all playing in the same setting, but without forcing their fans to rough the rigours of camping or trek from distant stage to another.

www.SyndicatedNews.NET - Celia Cruz royalties stolen


Celia Cruz was such an iconic figure that Google created a doodle for her birthday. Yet she was not listed as the principle in any of her copyrights. Instead, she was listed as a work-for-hire (a throw away musician one hires for the day).

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